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Machine Learning and Deep Learning Software Development

Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, neural networks – those are not just buzzwords. Those are technologies which are being seen more and more in almost all industries. AI applications are especially valuable in big data analysis, as neural networks are designed to find patterns in big data sets. However, developing AI-powered solutions requires in-depth, multidisciplinary domain knowledge of various neural network topologies, experience in preparing data sets to train the AI-powered software, as well as using optimization techniques to make the intelligent software efficient. Work with Pro4People, an AI solutions provider that knows these areas inside out.

Your Gains

By choosing Pro4People, you’re ensured:

  • a partner with in-depth knowledge of building AI-powered software
  • a team experienced in processing big data and preparing pre-processed data sets for machine learning and deep learning
  • a group of developers familiar with widely used frameworks to minimize the time required for building solutions that utilize machine learning
  • Pro4People’s individuals with broad domain knowledge obtained in multiple executed and current projects
  • a team capable of building AI solutions with live action detection, computer vision and failure detection and prediction

Big Data Analysis Applications

Neural Network Topologies is the Key

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Neural Network Optimization

Smart AI Software Development

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