Amazon Cloud Solutions

Move to the cloud, fly with us

Have you ever considered developing a new cloud based service? Or maybe you would like to move your existing IT infrastructure to the cloud? As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partner, we offer expertise and practical advice on building and maintaining AWS cloud solutions.

Your Gains

By choosing Pro4People you’re ensuring:

  • benefits from AWS’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model
  • lowering both IT infrastructure costs and total cost of ownership
  • ‘pay as you go’ approach for your infrastructure
  • access to the global market from day one
  • a reliable partner, capable of guiding you through, and resolving any technical problems
  • fast transition into AWS infrastructure
  • if needed, access to other related services, e.g. R&D and AWS IT Infrastructure Management

Amazon Web Services


Cloud Expertise

We are an AWS Consulting Partner. We have been taking part in all types of AWS infrastructure related projects e.g. development and delivery of global Internet of Things systems, configurations of companies’ back-office, and maintenance of AWS hosted services. Our unique offer consists of business, technical, and process competencies which will take your organization safely into AWS cloud.

AWS Infrastructure Design

Every AWS infrastructure project starts with designing an AWS solution that will meet your technical and budget requirements. Our certified AWS Architects will assist you in turning your requirements into AWS infrastructure design concepts, while explaining the pros and cons of each of your solution options.

Transition to AWS

Ready to move to your new IT infrastructure? Let our dedicated IT team support you in creating the transition plan of your IT infrastructure, and then conduct the actual transition of your existing IT resources to the cloud. The quality of the transition can be verified by the independent Quality Assurance team so that you can ascertain the completeness and reliability of your new AWS infrastructure.

AWS Costs Evaluation

Once you have chosen your AWS Infrastructure design, it’s time to optimize its costs. Our AWS practitioners will help you in configuring the AWS infrastructure and will advise you on the optimal infrastructure payment models to keep your AWS bill to minimum.

AWS Infrastructure Maintenance

When all of that is ready, please have a look at our dedicated AWS infrastructure maintenance service described in the IT Infrastructure Management section. We can accompany your organization in maintenance of your AWS infrastructure from that moment on.

For all of your Amazon Cloud Solutions needs, contact us here at P4P!


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