“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs

Are you working on a disruptive innovation? Do you want to extend the scope of your existing products and solutions? Thanks to our unique profile combination of business consulting, technology competencies, and experience in working with startups and established organizations, we help our partners to build innovative products.

Your Gains

By choosing Pro4People you’re ensuring:

  • shorter time-to-market of your innovation
  • access to experienced business and technical teams
  • professional analysis and consultancy of your business model innovation
  • single technological partner, covering all your IT product life-cycle needs
  • cutting edge technology stack, ready at your fingertips
  • agile customer development process
  • fast new product development pace



Solution Providing

Sometimes referred to as service strategy, customer discovery, or product ideation, the ending goal is always the same: provide a solution. Whatever you might call it, you can count on our support in Business Model and Value Proposition design, creation of a working product prototype, design of solutions’ architecture, technology evaluation, drafting initial product development plans, and approximating costs.

With all of the above in place, we can assure your confidence in presenting your product idea and prototype to potential business stakeholders. Such items will also play a crucial role in determining whether the idea should be developed further and finally go-to-market or not.

Research & Development

Development is never what it used to be.   It is more agile, multi-faceted, and fast paced than ever before. You can expect changes and pivots in product roadmaps to be reflected in the already ongoing development.  In this phase, we provide you full support in your development needs. First, we assign a project manager, your main point of contact, who will be responsible for oversight of the project. Then, we create a dedicated team, covering all of the competency profiles you might expect from modern IT services. Among others, these include hardware, back-end, front-end, mobile, and cloud competencies. You will also be supported by roles such as UI/UX designers, System Analysts, and DevOps. Those folks will be closely working with the aforementioned, dedicated Project Manager in order to provide you top of the art level of service and support.

In this phase, the crucial aspect is frequent delivery of successive, high quality versions of the working product.

Service Delivery

This phase is typical for modern, cloud based solutions. The goal of service delivery is to build a team and IT infrastructure that will be responsible for delivery and maintenance of your cloud service. We will be supporting you throughout the transition of new service releases to the production environment, subsequent testing, and lastly making sure that your cloud service runs properly monitored and uninterrupted.  Once it’s all set up, we can either build you a Dedicated IT Team, which will take care of the maintenance of the service and infrastructure, or hand this responsibility over to the infrastructure maintenance company of your choice.

The desired outcome of this phase is continuous service delivery to your clients in accordance with the agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


By choosing Pro4People as your technology partner, you are gaining efficient and proven product development framework, a fast new product development lifecycle, and simplified communication. On the business end, you will have the chance to work and master your business model and product value proposition alongside the help of practitioners and serial entrepreneurs.  Our common goal is to build you an innovative product that will separate a leader from followers.

For all of your Innovation-as-a-Service needs, contact us here at P4P!


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