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Internet of Things Development

Development of Bespoke Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Learn how Pro4People can help you in Internet of Things Development

Are you considering launching a new disruptive Internet of Things product and are looking for a technology partner who could assist you in this endeavor? Are you moreover concerned that your competitors have already outrun you by incorporating new cutting-edge technologies into their products?

Would adding scalable cloud components, excellent data visualization, event notifications, wireless connectivity or artificial intelligence (AI) to your already existing hardware products enrich the value proposition?

Or maybe you are a hardware savant with a need for cloud backend software expertise to facilitate building an end-to-end IoT solution? No worries, Pro4People Internet of Things experts are here to assist you at every step of this journey! Work with Pro4People, an IoT partner that knows this domain inside out.

IoT Outsourcing – Your gains

By choosing Pro4People you’re ensuring:

Internet of Things Development - Experts

A team of Internet of Things experts with a highly successful track record of building IoT products for both industrial and consumer markets

Internet of Things Development - Agile approach

A chance to quickly validate your idea on the market owing to the Agile approach with short iterations which enable new features to be delivered on a frequent and regular basis

Internet of Things Development - Management

Experience in managing complex, global and multi-project programs

Internet of Things Development - Architecture

Engineers with comprehensive understanding of Internet of Things architecture and aspects such as IoT scalability, IoT security, connectivity and reliability

Internet of Things Development - end-to-end solutions

A versatile technology partner capable of building end-to-end IoT solutions covering edge-devices, cloud back-end, web applications as well as mobile and voice applications

Internet of Things Development - Amazon Web Services

A Certified AWS (Amazon Web Services) Partner assuring the efficient utilization of the potential of scalable cloud services

Understanding the Internet of Things

 Even though Internet of Things solutions are seemingly simple, their actual design tends to be quite complex and sophisticated. They usually have to combine excellent user experience together with solid reliability, performance and scalability of the overall solution.

Usually, IoT architecture consists not only of physical hardware devices It also includes a cloud backend responsible for the data analysis and storage, web application visualizing the information being analyzed, mobile applications enabling access to the solution from mobile devices etc.

This is oftentimes enriched with artificial intelligence (AI), smart event notifications, remote update of the firmware, data and communication encryption, a dedicated administration interface, device registry as well as other crucial IoT components.

Internet of Things Development

Thus, successful IoT development needs strong pillars: vision of the product, relevant technical expertise, a team of dedicated people and, overall, superior management of the program. Although the first item belongs exclusively to You – the product visionaries, all the remaining ones bring Pro4People into play.

Our Experience with the Internet of Things

An opportunity of taking part in a groundbreaking Internet of Things project has always thrilled Pro4People team. Our customers have engaged us in several complex IoT projects, which means that Pro4People experts have invaluable hands-on expertise that can be extremely useful and beneficial in any other IoT undertaking.

Our success stories include IoT services such as development of:

  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution – an innovative predictive maintenance IoT platform in the domain of vibration analysis (for more details, please see the following blog post: Machine Dossier – Industrial IoT Plant Reliability Ecosystem)
  • A platform enabling building IoT components for medical applications – a high-end medical Industrial Internet of Things solution developed within the rigorous requirements of IEC 62304 norm (for more details on medical software development, please see the following blog post: IEC 62304 Medical Device Software Development)
  • Big data analysis and visualization in an industrial IoT solution – highly efficient IoT components for a solution dedicated to oil industry
  • A predictive maintenance IoT solution for the consumer market – a unique, game-changing solution to monitor the condition of the HVAC units in households.

Learn how Pro4People can help you
in Internet of Things Development




Internet of Things competencies

You may be now wondering where to start and how to properly structure the Internet of Things development to materialize your product vision. Luckily, Pro4People team knows the answer. Please have a look at the following article for more details: How to Structure Research and Development Phase?.

You will work with a highly competent team of IoT experts covering all the necessary roles, such as:

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Technical Leader
  • Software Developer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Configuration Manager/DevOps

Choosing the best IoT Partner

Pro4People’s core competency is the IoT software, however, thanks to our trusted partners specializing in the hardware development we are able to address all of your system needs by providing end-to-end IoT services in the areas such as hardware, firmware, cloud services, web, mobile and voice applications.

Internet of Things Development - Choosing the best IoT Partner

If all this above has not convinced you to the idea of IoT outsourcing and launching the development of your IoT product together with Pro4People team, please consider engaging us in a limited scope to work with you on the vision of your solution. We call this Providing a Solution phase and its goal is to resolve doubts and give your product the go-ahead.

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Neil Daly - CEO of Skin Analytics

We selected Pro4People as a strategic development partner based on their deep understanding of delivering Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) products. They’ve been engaged, collaborative and an extremely valuable partner.

Neil Daly
CEO of Skin Analytics

Skin Analytics

Dr David Cox - Chief Digital Officer & Co-founder of Closed Loop Medicine Ltd

The team at Pro4People are great to work with. They are professional, flexible and have a huge amount of experience in developing SaMD, so are able to offer a good balance of direction and pragmatism when it comes to developing software under a QMS, whilst holding your hand through the process if it's not something you've done before.

Dr David Cox
Chief Digital Officer & Co-founder of Closed Loop Medicine Ltd

Closed Loop Medicine Ltd

Tash Thirkell, Operations Manager at ARC Microtech

Pro4People independently reviewed, tested and validated our Medical Device Software to IEC 62304. Working to a very tight deadline, Pro4People’s experience was invaluable and their diligent and supportive team a pleasure to work with.

Tash Thirkell
Operations Manager at ARC Microtech

ARC Microtech

Marcel Schoch - Co-Founder, CTO of Qlair

Pro4People is driving our software development since the early stage of our venture. We were able to grow with them through the different maturity stages from MVP to a multi-sensor and multi-frontend (web / mobile) IoT platform. Great project control and documentation, impressive AWS knowledge and system compliance and security focus are definitely the strength of Pro4People.

Marcel Schoch
Co-Founder, CTO of Qlair


Alexander Ubl - Head of STREAMETRIC, a MANN+HUMMEL corporate startup

Pro4People works for STREAMETRIC as a software development vendor since the beginning of 2019. Since then, their agile and cross-functional team provides us UI/UX design, software development, DevOps, business analysis and project management services with the highest level of quality. Compared to other software development providers, Pro4Peoples especially distinguishes with their structured procedures and discipline in documentation.

Alexander Ubl
Head of STREAMETRIC, a MANN+HUMMEL corporate startup


Ellie Amirnasr - CEO Qlair

At qlair we couldn’t ask for a better team to support our development activities from early stages of our company. We worked with a team of experienced developers, creative designers, thoughtful business analyst, and professional project manager at Pro4People. We were impressed by the quality of service we received in every stages of our development work and learned a lot about team structure, documentation, development process and quality testing. Looking forward to grow our platform with the help of professionals at Pro4People.

Ellie Amirnasr
CEO Qlair


Kristoph Cichocki-Romanov - CTO of Bedrocket Media Ventures

As Video Technologies partners, Pro4People has been a dedicated and talented ally in our ability to expand our services and provide clients with top video streaming capabilities. Always team players and always on their game, they are a gratifyingly essential part of what we do.

Kristoph Cichocki-Romanov
CTO of Bedrocket Media Ventures

Bedrocket Media Ventures

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