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Internet of Things Development

Here at Pro4People, we know that our customers are busy focusing on their business. Thus we offer turn-key IT solutions development, taking the challenge of coordinating and managing software development off your back. We have been developing all types of software projects including AI, IoT, Big Data, web applications, Video Processing, Cloud Services, Mobile Applications, IEC 62304 and more.

IoT Services and Outsourcing

By choosing Pro4People you’re ensuring:

  • short development time
  • bi-weekly solution releases giving you control over the project and functionalities
  • a competent software development team covering all necessary roles
  • minimal managerial effort on your side due to self-managed teams
  • no need for technical expertise on your side
  • high quality of the developed solution

Project Types


Software Development - Project Management

Project management

If the below development process sounds complicated- don’t worry. You will be working with a Project Manager at P4P that will seamlessly accomplish the various tasks involved.  Just let us know what we can do to help, and our engineering team will provide you with top-notch solutions, leaving you happy and getting the job done.
Software Development - UI/UX Design, User Interface and User Experience Design

User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Design

Nowadays, a good UI/UX design is one of the key factors of a commercially successful IT solution. Our UI/UX Designers will use mockups of the user interfaces and turn them into attractive UI/UX designs. We will pay close attention to tailoring your new UI/UX with your corporate design, including logos, fonts, color schemes etc., in order to best accentuate your existing corporate branding.
Software Development - Testing, Verification, Validation

Quality Assurance

The utmost attention to quality is embedded in every step of our software development process. Each task in the project is independently verified by the Quality Assurance Engineer. Tests are designed and executed as a project progresses, giving you continuous insight into your solution’s quality.
Software Development - Business Analysis

Analysis & Design

One of our System Analysts will work closely with Product Manager and the business team on your side, turning your product visions into detailed specifications, mockups, and designs. Analysis is conducted in an incremental manner as the project progresses, consistently providing you the opportunities to change its course along the way.
Software Development - Coding, Programming, Scripting


Implementation is paced with two week Sprints. Developers take the specifications and designs and turn them into functions presented to you at the end of each sprint. The essential parts of the source code are covered by the automatic unit tests lowering your costs while still maintaining quality over time.
Software Development - Configuration Management, DevOps, Infrastructure Management

Configuration Management

Specifications of the selected technologies, configurations of solution environments, and preparation of the solution releases are only some of the responsibilities of a Configuration Manger. This role is especially important for IT services hosted in Cloud.

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Our development process takes the best of both worlds from Agile and Maturity approaches. From the client’s perspective, the team is self-managed, delivering a new working version of the IT solution every two weeks. In the background, we’re ensuring that all roles and software engineering processes are perfectly aligned. This allows us to deliver you high quality and robust solutions that will meet your highest expectations without fail.


Specialized Software Development


Neil Daly - CEO of Skin Analytics

“We selected Pro4People as a strategic development partner based on their deep understanding of delivering Software as a Medical (SaMD) products. They’ve been engaged, collaborative and an extremely valuable partner. “

Neil Daly
CEO of Skin Analytics

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