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Real-time Video Processing Software Development

Learn how Pro4People can help you in Streaming Live Video Development

Creating streaming live video and real-time video processing components deployed as microservices can be easy with a right partner.

You need to address a wide range of different potential challenges: real-time streaming protocols implementation, processing a significant amount of multimedia data, assuring audio-video synchronization, understanding H.264 and AAC protocols, storing massive data in a variety of different formats, and finally delivering it to end-users directly or via social media like Facebook or YouTube.

Work with Pro4People, a team of experienced software developers who know Streaming Live Video domain inside out.

Your Gains

By choosing Pro4People you’re ensuring:

a partner with in-depth knowledge on streaming live video protocols, e.g. RTMP and HLS

a team aware of H.264 and AAC codecs

expertise in video containers like MP4

a team with in-depth knowledge on a variety of such transport streams as MPEG

individuals experienced in solving audio-video synchronization issues

high-quality video processing component creators

authors of highly efficient video processing components deployed in microservice architecture

team experienced in resolving video streaming performance issues

Experience with Multimedia Software Development

Our developers have been participating in cutting-edge projects in the domain of streaming live video and real-time video processing.

We implemented from scratch the RTMP protocol, components responsible for video processing and transcoding, encoding multimedia into MPEG format (including MPEG2-TS), HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), and serving video content in various formats and protocols.

We are capable of developing mobile applications addressing streaming video solutions as well as back-end real-time video processing and video transcoding. We can develop mobile applications, controls, or SDKs responsible for playing back received multimedia streams or streaming the latter from mobile platforms into the video processing back-end components.

The back-end components we have developed were deployed on the Amazon Web Services cloud following microservices architecture. As one of the only few Amazon Web Services Consulting Partners, Pro4People built AWS specific Linux distributions aiming at the superfast processing of real-time video streams in resolutions such as HD or 4K.

Experienced with Different RTMP Stream Sources

Pro4People team is experienced and has in-depth knowledge of RTMP protocol and its various implementations. We have been gathering this expertise in several projects and microservice implementations, slowly learning about specifications and the practicalities of the RTMP implementation.

It is especially important, as the technical specification is not always fully reflected in different systems which should comply with it. Thanks to unique Pro4People’s experience with RTMP, developing live video streaming solutions is faster and of high quality, and finally results in flawless integration of different RTMP stream sources.

Learn how Pro4People can help you
in Streaming Live Video Development


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Video Testing

Testing live video streaming is a multi-faceted activity which requires experience in using a variety of tools, tests automation, and manual testing needed for audio-video synchronization and post-processing is usually a manual process.

In that scope, in Pro4People one can find a highly skilled Quality Assurance team that will take part in tests design, implementation and then tests execution. Ready-to-apply tests scenarios significantly reduce the time needed to test new video streaming implementation.

On the other hand, our developers have the knowledge and experience in creating automated tests, e.g. checking video parameters or audio-video synchronization. The set of our internal tools and video streaming platforms, including mobile phones, enables you to release a software streaming solution that integrates smoothly with most environments – mobile and desktop alike.

Tuning AWS Infrastructure to Real-time Video Processing

Development and production infrastructure is an important aspect of developing solutions for live video streaming. Pro4People is an Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner. We have been designing and configuring AWS cloud infrastructure capable of processing multiple video streams up to 4K resolution in real time.

Scalability, storage, performance, or pricing strategy are only a few challenges you would have to address here. If you are looking for a partner that would design infrastructure capable of processing that enormous amount of data and at a reasonable price point from the AWS cloud, Pro4People is the company you are looking for.

Learn how Pro4People can help you
in AWS Infrastructure to Real-time Video Processing

Smart Software Development

Pro4People has a team which combines Agile and mature approach to:

  • creating good-enough documentation
  • building robust and reliable stream handling and processing components deployed on robust and scalable infrastructure
  • validating and verifying components
  • maintaining a complete solution

You will work with a highly skilled team which, as we suggest, should include:

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Technical Leader
  • Software Developer
  • Android Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • Quality Assurance
  • Configuration Manager/DevOps
  • SysOps

The team delivers work in an iterative approach, so you can have full control over the development process. It is crucial as such projects usually require quite a significant level of research in order to deliver innovation in the video streams processing.



Kristoph Cichocki-Romanov - CTO of Bedrocket Media Ventures

As Video Technologies partners, Pro4People has been a dedicated and talented ally in our ability to expand our services and provide clients with top video streaming capabilities. Always team players and always on their game, they are a gratifyingly essential part of what we do.

Kristoph Cichocki-Romanov
CTO of Bedrocket Media Ventures

Bedrocket Media Ventures

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